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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Entertaining Clutter

What's It Wednesday #150

I have one particular annual New Year's Resolution and that is to come up with new organizational systems for my home, my family, and for me. I have learned through the years to keep my projects simple and doable and most of all do only one at a time. 

So, this year I decided to share some of my organizational projects and would love for you to share your ideas with us as well. 

I have two entertainment units in my home and they are both utilized pretty much daily. We have two video games consoles and quite a number of video games. I keep the video games cassettes lined up in the top drawers of the family room entertainment unit. That was the easy part. The challenging part was what in the world was I going to do with the extra stuff that comes along with these games. 

I needed solutions that were not expensive, but practical, because according to my project notebook I have a lot of organizational projects to do this year. 

So my Bestie and I went to IKEA, of course. These cute boxes came in a pack of two and I bought three of them. I placed these four in the family room and two more on the living room entertainment unit.

I have to admit, I get super excited when an organizational solution works. These little boxes made all the difference in the world. My son has his Skylanders video game and my daughter has her Infinity that she just received from dear Santa. 

On the weekends the kids just reach for the box, pull it out and play their game. I placed a label on each box. The boxes house the game manual, parts, and console. When the kids are finished playing with their video game they put everything back in the box and place it back in the entertainment unit.

Every house I know has a bunch of remote controls. Even though I had a different place to keep them all, I wanted to try another solution. Bestie and I were at Home Goods and found this condiment caddy and thought "OMG, Voila!" I immediately took out my absolute favorite organizational tool, my trusty label maker. I don't know about you, but I personally cannot remember which remote goes where or for what. Ok, I actually do know which one is the Apple TV remote but hey, I was on a roll.

The next solution is actually a no brainer. However, it took me until now to make it happen in my home. While at IKEA I also picked up a couple packs of magazine files and placed them on the living room entertainment unit. Goodness knows I had a ton of magazines piled up. They fit perfectly with the white decor pieces. I was able to organize them, in no time, by categories: Health and welfare, Cuisine, Decorating, Parenting, etc. I have no idea what took me so long to do this.

So, in 2015 I will continue to not entertain clutter in my home and I am committed to do one organizational project at a time. Do you have some quick and easy organizational solutions for your family and living rooms to share with us? We would love to hear from you.

Thanks to all of you who partied with us last week. Please link-up and join us again. Remember, it's not a party without you!


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